1. Strength is intelligence. 
  2. Mind mirrors body. 
  3. Seduction requires surprise.
  4. Fatigue reveals grace. 
  5. Prepare to assert yourself.
  6. Mental toughness creates beauty.
  7. The opposite of masculinity is not docile. 
  8. Real laughter is deep and loud and shakes you from the inside out.
  9. Prune behavior, and graft new habits: it is how to survive. 
  10. Physical danger is not as threatening as emotional violence.
  11. Not everything is possible - be honest about parameters, limitations and constraints. 
  12. You will want to melt into someone else's reality to escape your own.
  13. You must endure long periods of extreme boredom. 



Born in rural Virginia in 1989, Lara Mossler painted throughout her childhood. She won awards and exhibited her work in regional galleries and shows.  At sixteen, she moved to New York City to follow her passion for the arts. Lara accepted an internship at Lelia Heller Gallery in Chelsea. She spent her time in museums, at artists' studios, and painting at The New York Studio School. Lara accepted an art-activities counselor position at Wediko Children Services in Boston. She taught art at the treatment center for emotionally-disturbed children. Lara then accepted a full scholarship to Tulane University with a strong desire to study art.

Lara piloted the Community Service Scholars program as the selected inaugural group. In 2008 and 2009, the Center for Public Service chose Lara as a Public Service Fellow. Lara received the Outstanding Public Service Leader Award from the Newcomb Alumnae Association. She received the Alberta Collier Memorial Award for Outstanding Art Studio Work in 2D. Lara earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Tulane University with Honors. Lara also published five psychological research papers that she presented at professional conferences.

After graduation, Lara moved back to New York City. She collaborates on research for Cities of Service, NYC Department of Probation and Capital One DIGITAL. UrbanGlass in Brooklyn and Taidelaitos Haihatus in Finland have awarded her studio residencies. She belongs to the Bushwick Critique and Group and NY Equity Artists' Association. In 2016, Virginia Commonwealth University selected Lara for their Summer Studio Program. Her art work is exhibited in New York, New Orleans and Scandinavia. Her first solo performance opens daily at The Hollows in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Moonset for the month of september. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA. 




My work explores hormonal cycles. I rely on research to question menstrual theories and established "taboos." 28 Days  is a concept that reinterprets hormonal cycles using meditation, reflection and creative practice. The project includes an experimental e-book (a DIY calendar) that aggregates lunar cycles, agrarian dates and note-taking to meditate on hormonal shifts. Creative practice is used in collaboration with artists (like this one with leticia bernaus) to create artworks in response to their hormones for the duration of their cycles.  moon & menses is an installation where I broadcast guided meditative performances at lunar timings that relate to shifting hormone levels.  coming out ceremony  is a site-specific light installation where lasers draw a lifetime's worth of my estrogen levels on an abandoned strip club. 

The past study of menstruation concludes the menstrual taboo is universal and evil. But, cross-cultural studies show distinct and different rules about menstruation. Many taboos, rather than protecting society from a "feminine" evil, protect the perceived creative spirituality of menstruating people from the influence of others. In other customs, menstruating people created environments to foster the potent, positive spiritual force ascribed to them during menstruation. My work hinges on expanding the conversation to include perspectives that empower, neutralize and investigate the nuance of menstrual taboos. My work provides people with means of ensuring their own autonomy, influence and social control.